This seems to be a theme lately…learn something new…let go of the familiar……stretch…….look forward…expectantly….

Bloom where you are planted comes to mind….put down roots and reach for the stars..even these flowers know that you can take a hard and barren situation and turn it into a burst of color…

so it is with expectation, I accept that changes are indeed happening all around is the ending of a season and the beginning of another in our life…I don’t know what it will look like but I just know that it is happening and I have made the decision to go with it and be glad…..

if you have found this post…oh, happy day…thank you thank you…

2 thoughts on “Stretching

  1. Mona, I believe I was meant to read this post today (more than 3 years after you wrote it). This is a season of many changes for me, even beyond the fact that we’re moving into Fall soon. A reminder to trust. Thank you.

    1. wow Lisa this blesses me so much..I am just trying to figure out what this blog needs to be. I write another one about homemaking but this one…I’m feeling it needs to be more about life wisdom….thank you for commenting…

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