Garden Photographs



Everything Changes

It does, you know?  Changes, I mean…every single thing……

_MG_3436 _MG_3431 _MG_3406It seems like we are in a real season of change..the first addition we have ever done to our is good….

It came about because we had a very damaging ice storm back in February….and one thing led to another.  In a few weeks, I hope to show pictures of the finished changes…….hopefully……

Keep checking..we’ll get there… the meantime,I have learned patience…kinda…

Love, Mona

My Grandmother

It’s hard to believe that my Grandmother has been gone for 44 years.  I was almost 18 when she died on February 27, 1971.  She is the biggest influence on my life besides God..  It makes me realize that what we do can outlive us for many decades.  She was such a unique person and I loved  love her dearly..  I can only hope I make as big of a positive impact on my own grandchildren. Here is a picture of her the summer before she died..  She lived life fully right up to her death…   scan0002   I certainly inherited her love of flowers and gardening. She loved her home too. I really remember and love that she was passionate about life and what she did..and I knew she loved me.   2012-02-19%252010.10.28

 Me and Grandmother in her flower garden


Her garden..  I can remember it like it was yesterday..

Yes, she was a huge part of my destiny and  l am her legacy…